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Using MRTK with a Windows 10 tablet
I wish did fix the issue. No, there isn't an immediately available tracking component for Unity/Windows 10 tablets similar to Android's ARCore or iOS's ARKit. You could theoretically use an open source SLAM algorithm project + the tablets RGB camera
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Date : September 16 2020, 03:00 AM , By : Scott
How to run Unity HDRP project on Android
should help you out will you try the change in Build setting => Other settings => Scripting Backend => Mono change Mono to IL2CPP
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Date : September 13 2020, 03:00 PM , By : Brendon Ferreira
Is there a way to specify where a game object spawns in the hierarchy in unity?
hop of those help? You can simply pass the parent into Instantiate
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Date : September 12 2020, 10:00 AM , By : Ajeet Yadav
Why can't I zoom my Unity2D Orthographic game?
Hope this helps The orthographic size defines the viewing volume of the camera and it will only zoom on the elements rendered by it. It looks like you are trying to zoom on a Canvas, but UI elements are rendered on top of the whole scene. In order to
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Date : August 29 2020, 03:00 AM , By : rawi53
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