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How to speed up a rails controller queries?

By : Ayaz
Date : September 15 2020, 01:00 PM
should help you out You may find help here
As @Gabbar pointed out and I will add to it, your app right now is eager-loading (opposite of lazy-loading) which means that you are loading more from the database than needed. What we need to do is optimize but that totally depends on your use-case.
code :
@users = User.all.includes(:comments) #comments for all users brought along with users but saved in RAM for future access.
@comments = @users.map(&:comments) # no need to go to db again, just RAM.
  scope :archived_customers, -> { where('archived IS false') }
  scope :potential_customers, -> { where('active IS false') }


  scope :archived_customers, -> { where(:archived => false) }
  scope :potential_customers, -> { where(:active => false) }

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debugging a rails controller making too many queries

By : vishal kinkar
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it should still fix some issue Are you running in development or production mode?
SHOW FIELDS FROM foo is done by your model, as you noted, so it knows which accessor methods to generate.

Rails Controller is ignoring queries

By : Hung Nguyen
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further It seems more natural to update the existing GameVote (if one exists) instead of pair delete+create.
To do so just replace:
code :
@vote = GameVote.new
@vote.game_id = params[:game_id]
@vote.vote = params[:vote]
@vote.user_id = session[:user_id]

existing_vote = GameVote.where(whatever)
@vote = GameVote.where(game_id: params[:game_id], user_id: session[:user_id]).first_or_initialize
@vote.vote = params[:vote]

Executing raw MongoDB queries in Rails controller

By : devjunpark
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do I found a way to do it without have to establish a connection with Mongo console. Using mongoid, you can just use the update_all to generate the same query.

How do I optimize ActiveRecord queries and speed up my HAML partial which is rendered 1000 times in Rails?

By : Leila queen
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue Ok I got an idea from the blog I mentioned. I got it down to milliseconds! Their solution was deprecated but they also mentioned find_by_sql, which is what I used. I could create my bespoke queries and it would add additional fields to the model that were in the select clause. I'm quite disheartened that I had to un-factor my HAML templates and customize them specifically for this page, causing duplication. :( My templates were a thing of beauty and I was amazed the whole site could fit in such few lines.
code :
sql = <<-EOL
  select posts.id, posts.user_id, posts.title, ...
    (select vote from votes ...) as user_votes,
    coalesce((select sum(vote) from votes ...),0) as votes_sum,
    (select count(*) from comments ...) as comments_count
    from posts inner join users on posts.user_id = users.id
    where users.id = ?
    order by created_at desc
    limit 1000 
@posts = Post.find_by_sql [sql, (current_user ? current_user.id : -1), params[:id]]
postIds = @posts.map { |p| p.id }
sql = <<-EOL
  select tags.id, tags.tag, taggings.post_id, count(*) as count 
    from tags inner join taggings on tags.id = taggings.tag_id 
    where taggings.post_id in (?)
    group by tags.id, tags.tag, taggings.post_id
    order by count desc
@tags = Tag.find_by_sql [sql, postIds]
sql = <<-EOL
  select comments.id, comments.user_id, ...
    (select vote from votes where ...) as user_votes,
    coalesce((select sum(vote) from votes ...),0) as votes_sum,
    (select count(*) from comments ...) as has_children
  from comments
  where comments.user_id = ?
  order by created_at desc
  limit 1000 
@comments = Comment.find_by_sql [sql, (current_user ? current_user.id : -1), params[:id] ]   
$ time for i in {1..10}; do curl -I "" -H "If-None-Match: ""37d7cd0d7d37f5af51168561c2ef04e2""" -H "Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,sdch" -H "Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.8" -H "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.117 Safari/537.36" -H "Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8" -H "Cache-Control: max-age=0" -H "Cookie: _Tyger_session=Y3oydVZ5OE1KMXl6cHNWL0dwNnU3bTQzNlpuaERtemRSZ3g5T3FoV2pPdEErejllVDRmME9EVGVuTkZVa1l3eDhRMmx3QXplTCtmT0xQTlFYNGhvbzJlUXVGRFc1a3BsWG1ZWThIRDE5WmVnZ2czU2NnMkRPQ0xIc1RJd3gxMm5wMUxWUEMyQUQxa1EzYzl5b3lMSDhsckd6WWJnYTJnUm96NEl4b3Q3MmdmSE1pbzE2NjF5b040SnB6TEk1WjZoSU5jYjI5V0xDSWwvMlJ3c2llOHBISmp0YlpCRGdxcnhNTWtNMXRyT3piYz0tLXdFNkpTVjFHeThTckJNNk1HU3N2NWc9PQ"%"3D"%"3D--21e668fceab201c65260d8afebce1b24728d6055" -H "Connection: keep-alive" --compressed -s | grep X-Runtime; done
X-Runtime: 0.307203
X-Runtime: 0.305202
X-Runtime: 0.313207
X-Runtime: 0.310206
X-Runtime: 0.303202
X-Runtime: 0.332220
X-Runtime: 0.312222
X-Runtime: 0.304202
X-Runtime: 0.308239
X-Runtime: 0.315209

real    0m3.449s
user    0m0.060s
sys     0m0.258s

refactoring Rails 4 before_action for code speed with reused controller methods

By : user3666388
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You asked two different questions here. A good way to abstract methods so they are resuable would be in the form of a Module or a superclass which your subclass inherits behavior from. Think of a rails model inheriting ActiveRecord::Base and how it inherits database access methods etc.
You are probably saying that you defined your before action methods in application_controller which is fine, but limiting them for use in certain controllers won't necessarily improve performance. If they are heavy and you only want them to be instantiate on certain controllers, modules would be a better way to go, but they would have to be sufficiently large and complex to gain performance in controllers that to not include them.
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