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ResizeObserver does not work in Edge & Firefox for Android

By : CodeNoob16
Date : September 16 2020, 05:00 AM
Hope that helps I try to test the above sample code with MS Edge for Android and look like it is working fine and it is showing the button and functions properly.
Output in Edge for Android and Firefox for Android:
code :

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Javascript doesn't work in firefox and IE/edge

By : Ishan
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . The problem lies in the smooth scrolling feature of firefox and ie (see this question). This causes the jQuery scroll event to fire multiple times every time you scroll, thus the 'missing' images--they are being put in, but then they're replaced so fast you can't see them.
Unfortunately, since you can't disable the smooth scrolling feature on people's browsers, there isn't really a perfect solution to this. The best solution is to debounce your scroll event handler. There are many ways to implement a debounce (google it for some ideas). A simple one would be just toggling a boolean after a timeout and checking it every time you run the function:
code :
var dontHandle = false;
$("#home").scroll(function () {
    if (dontHandle) return; // Debounce this function.
    dontHandle = true;

    window.setTimeout(function() {
        dontHandle = false;
    }, 400); // Debounce!--don't let this function run again for 400 milliseconds.

ResizeObserver don't work as expected on Windows

By : chayse lundgren
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem I was playing with ResizeObserver (that's supported by google chrome behind experimental web platform flag). I've create codepen demo using jQuery UI resizable. It work fine on chromium linux, but on Windows it stops after a while or execute only once. , It seems that the observer get Garbage Collected, adding
code :
var r;
function resizer(node, callback) {
   var resizer = new ResizeObserver(...);
   r = resizer;

SVG Fill Animation doesn't work on Firefox and Edge

By : Danny Zorin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help Modifying geometric attributes, such as width, is a new thing in SVG 2. Only Chrome has implemented that so far.
You will need to use a different method to animate your . For example, you could move it horizontally using a transform, instead of changing its width.
code :
svg#bogeLogo {
  display: block;
  left: 50%;
  position: absolute;
  top: 50%;
  transform: translate(-50%,-50%);

#bogePath {
  fill: transparent;
  stroke: red;
  stroke-width: 8;

svg#bogeLogo #bogeFinal {
  fill: blue;
  transition: all 1.4s ease-out !important;
  transform: translateX(-2552px);

svg#bogeLogo:hover #bogeFinal {
  transform: translateX(0px);
<svg id="bogeLogo" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" version="1.1" id="Layer_1" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="0 0 2551.2 2551.2" style="enable-background:new 0 0 100 100;" xml:space="preserve">
    <path id="bogePath" d="M1263.5,1239.5l0-1l0.8-1194.9l-60.3,0l-0.6,1195.9l-1146.6,0.2v60.3l1146.6-0.5v1195h59l1-1195  l1231.9,0.5l0-60.3L1263.5,1239.5z M779.6,1037c98.3-37.9,134.5-130.5,138.1-140c6.8-18.3,31.3-87,1.9-161.1  c-20.6-52-58.4-82.8-74.8-95.9c-23.2-18.5-45.4-27.8-61.3-34.5c13.2-6.5,52.6-26.9,76.7-90.2c26-68.5-0.8-128.3-7.7-143.8  c-25.5-57.3-74.1-84.5-95-96.9c-31.8-19-83.7-25.5-104.2-26.3L410.2,248v3.2l-1.1,800.3v1.1l293.7-0.2  C721.3,1051.7,748.9,1048.8,779.6,1037z M570.6,394.5c46.8-9.2,80.5-1.6,97.8,3.8c19.2,6.1,27.6,12.5,32.6,17.3  c22.3,21.1,22.8,51.6,23,61.4c0.2,9.5,0.7,37.9-19.2,61.4c-18.5,21.9-43.5,28.8-65.2,30.7c-31.6,2.7-51.9,2.2-69-1.9V394.5z   M570.6,908.5V701.4c33.3-3.2,60.9-2.9,80.5-1.9c39.3,2,59.3,3.2,80.5,15.3c7,4,29.8,17.4,44.1,46c5.2,10.5,15.6,35.6,9.6,67.1  c-2.2,11.7-9.7,39.6-34.5,59.5c-11,8.7-25.4,16-63.3,21.1C660.3,912.2,620.2,914.9,570.6,908.5z M1835.5,1052.5  c218.7,0,395-184.3,395-403s-177.3-407-396-407s-396,188.3-396,407S1616.8,1052.5,1835.5,1052.5z M1835,390.5  c131.3,0,237.8,116.2,237.8,259.5S1966.3,909.5,1835,909.5S1597.2,793.3,1597.2,650S1703.7,390.5,1835,390.5z M636.5,1879.5v1l1,129  v0.1c73,0.1,142.9,0.3,216,0.4c-5.4,14.1-15,34.1-31.6,54.7c-5.9,7.2-35.7,43.1-89.4,63.7c-58.3,22.4-109.4,13.3-136.9,8.1  c-54.1-10.3-90.3-33.6-98.9-39.3c-39-25.9-60.5-55.8-71.8-71.8c-14.1-20-35.1-50.4-44.7-96.2c-2.4-11.6-10.4-54.2,2.7-107.1  c3.5-14.3,14.4-52.5,44.7-92.2c9.3-12.2,39.6-49.6,93.5-75.9c15.2-7.4,47.4-21.4,90.8-25.7c7.7-0.8,40-3.7,81.3,4.1  c19.2,3.6,46.7,9,77.2,25.7c14.7,8,31,19.8,63.7,43.4c8.8,6.3,15.7,12.5,20.5,16l90-106c-15.9-18.7-35.7-40.2-71-63  c-54-35-103.7-45.6-141.8-53.3c-31.3-6.3-86.6-17-158.1-6.3c-59.3,8.9-105.3,28.7-134.6,44.3c-49.5,26.2-82,56.1-95.8,69.6  c-39.5,38.6-60.6,75.2-65,83.1c-4.7,8.2-27.1,48.6-39.8,107.5c-2.3,10.9-9.1,44.7-9,89.4c0,22.3,0.4,59.9,13.6,106.6  c10.1,35.8,23.2,61,32.5,78.6c11,20.9,29,54.4,62.3,90.3c39,42.1,79.9,66.8,106.6,80.4c46.4,23.6,85.8,31.6,109.3,36.1  c25.3,4.9,72.3,11.8,131,6.3c27.9-2.6,61.2-6,102.1-21.7c14.8-5.7,58.3-23.6,103-63.2c42.8-37.9,65.1-76.5,79.5-102.1  c12.4-21.9,31.2-55.8,42.5-104.8c10.8-46.8,9.9-87,7.3-113.9L636.5,1879.5z M1019,1874.6c0,0.3,0.1,0.6,0.1,0.9l1.4,0L1019,1874.6z   M1753.3,1919.6l291.8,1.1v-1.1l-1.1-142.2l-285.5,1.1h-1.1l1-137.9h1l304.6-3.3h1.1v-151.7h-464.6v2.1l-0.5,794l0,0.4h470.4v-146.4  h-317.1V1919.6z"/>
    <clipPath id="bogeClip">
      <use xlink:href="#bogePath"/>
  <use xlink:href="#bogePath"/>
  <g clip-path="url(#bogeClip)">
    <rect id="bogeFinal" x="0" y="0" height="100%" width="100%"/>

Rails submit button not work in firefox and edge but work in chrome

By : Eric Pham
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? I found the error. Error is not in the button_tag. In this button styles
code :


display: block;

ViewContainerRef with ResizeObserver doesn't work properly in angular

By : user2498166
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue Angular performs change detection in response to various triggers. DOM events, ajax requests, and timers/observables will trigger Angular's change detection.
The window's resize event is an example of a DOM event that will trigger change detection.
code :
constructor(private changeDetector: ChangeDetectorRef) {}

ngAfterViewInit() {
  const obs = new ResizeObserver(entries => {
    // Perform updates in response to resize

    // Then tell Angular to detect changes
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