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How to save fragment state while navigating with navigation component

By : Volodymyr Basyuk
Date : September 17 2020, 09:00 AM
around this issue I'm trying to create a single activity app using android architecture components. I have a fragment A which has some textfields, when user pushes a button I navigate to fragment B where he uploads and edits some images after that app navigates back to A using code like this: , I will answer your questions one by one.
code :
findNavController().navigate(R.id.action_from_B_to_A, dataBundle)
FragmentA (new instance)
FragmentA (old instance)
class SharedViewModel : ViewModel() {

    // This is the data bundle from fragment B to A
    val bundleFromFragmentBToFragmentA = MutableLiveData<Bundle>()
private lateinit var viewModel: SharedViewModel

override fun onViewCreated(view: View, savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
    super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState)

    viewModel = ViewModelProviders.of(requireActivity()).get(SharedViewModel::class.java)
    viewModel.bundleFromFragmentBToFragmentA.observe(viewLifecycleOwner, Observer {
        // This will execute when fragment B set data for `bundleFromFragmentBToFragmentA`
        // TODO: Write your logic here to handle data sent from FragmentB
        val message = it.getString("ARGUMENT_MESSAGE", "")
        Toast.makeText(requireActivity(), message, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
// 1. Declare this as class's variable
private lateinit var viewModel: SharedViewModel

// 2. Use the following code when you want to return FragmentA           
// findNavController().navigate(R.id.action_from_B_to_A) // Do not use this one

// Set data for `bundleFromFragmentBToFragmentA`
val data = Bundle().apply { putString("ARGUMENT_MESSAGE", "Hello from FragmentB") }
viewModel.bundleFromFragmentBToFragmentA.value = data

// Pop itself from back stack to return FragmentA

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How to save fragment state while navigating through activity

By : Eugene Afonin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps You might be restarting ActivityA from ActivityB via startActivity() instead of finishing ActivityB. If it is so, just finish your ActivityB. Then you will be on the last shown fragment in your ActivityA.
Or you can also use onSaveInstanceState method to keep trace of your Fragments. This answer can help you with this.
code :
<activity android:name=".ActivityA" android:launchMode="singleTop">

Navigating to preference fragment using navigation component

By : user1994864
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM

Android navigation component: how save fragment state

By : Gulshan singh
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you As per the open issue, Navigation does not directly support multiple back stacks - i.e., saving the state of stack B when you go back to B from A or C since Fragments do not support multiple back stacks.
As per this comment:

Maintaining the state of fragment when navigating to other fragment using Navgation Architechture component

By : user3052797
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
should help you out As per the open issue, Navigation does not directly support multiple back stacks - i.e., saving the state of stack B when you go back to B from A or C since Fragments do not support multiple back stacks.
As per this comment:

How can I save the state of a component after navigating to another component in Angular 8

By : Sai Shiva
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You can use services to remember states between routes because they are usually singletons. The state Behaviour Subject can store an object which contains any states you might want to remember for you so every time the component is initialised all you have to do is retrieve the current value by .getValue() from the state$ in the service. Also, when you update any state value you should remember to update the state stored in the service.
code :
  providedIn: "root"
export class StateService {
  state$ = new BehaviourSubject<any>(null);
export class CityComponent implements OnInit {
  constructor(private stateService: StateService) {}
  state: any;
  ngOnInit() {
    this.state = this.stateService.state$.getValue() || {};

  updateFoo(val: any) {
    this.state.foo = val;
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