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Why does the line "subsets.push_back(n);" give me an error in the following code?

By : Amaroebandi
Date : October 16 2020, 06:10 PM
will help you As mentioned in comment:
code :
for(vector<int> prev : subsets){
  //do stuff...

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error pasting ""pushl $"" and ""15"" does not give a valid preprocessing token

By : Nick
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . Get rid of the ## in the macro definitions. They're unnecessary and illegal in this context. As the error indicates the result of the ## operator must be a single valid pre-processing token, and "pushl $""6" is two tokens.
Without the ## the preprocessor won't try to paste the two strings together to form a single token. They'll remain as separate string tokens that will be merged together in a later translation phase.

In Mac terminal, why does this code give me "command not found", "syntax error near unexpected token"

By : zheng zhou
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help You need to respect spaces in bash scripts like @Jonny Henly said. Here is a modified version of your code, try it and see if it works.
code :
read command;

if [ $command = "make" ]
    echo "Hello"
elif [ $command = "make run" ]
    echo "Goodbye"

Simplify C++ code with macro. Error: pasting "<" and "string" does not give a valid preprocessing

By : user555633
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem I'm looking for a solution, how to simplify C++ code. , Here is macro, you are looking for:
code :
#define JSON_CHECK_TYPE(type)                               \
    do {                                                    \
        if(json_data_incomming.get("value").is<type>()){    \
            __TRACE("argument type OK\n");                  \
        } else {                                            \
            __ERROR("invalid type\n");                      \
            _result.rc = ERROR_CODE_INVALID_TYPE;           \
            _req_done(&_result);                            \
            return;                                         \
        }                                                   \
} while(false)
    // Do other useful things

"Error: Duplicate identifiers for rows" in a dataframe and some of its subsets, but not other subsets

By : Ahmed Metwally
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you I've encountered a rather puzzling tidyr::spread() error. When I tried to run code (example below) in the full dataframe, I got the "Duplicate identifiers for rows" error. , In your subset2df...
code :
subset2df %>%
  as_tibble() %>% 
  mutate_at(vars(v2:v16), as.integer) %>% 
  gather(key = combo, value = val, -respondentID, na.rm = T) %>%
  filter(!is.na(val)) %>%
  left_join(combodf_id, by = "combo") %>%
  arrange(respondentID) %>% 
  rename(rose_color1 = color1, rose_color2 = color2,
         tulip_color1 = color3, tulip_color2 = color4) %>% 
  gather(color, value, rose_color1:tulip_color2) %>% 
  separate(color, into = c('flower', 'color')) %>% 
  distinct() %>% 
  spread(color, value) %>% 
  mutate(val = if_else(val == 1, 'rose', 'tulip')) %>% 
  mutate(val = if_else(val == flower, 1, 0)) %>% 
  select(respondentID, flower, color1, color2, choice = val)
subset2df %>%
  as_tibble() %>%  # tibble has better printing methods
  mutate_at(vars(-respondentID), as.integer) %>%  # convert response to numeric
  mutate(respondentID = as.character(respondentID)) %>%  # convert to char
  mutate(respondentID = trimws(respondentID)) %>%  # remove whitespace
  distinct() %>%  # remove duplicate rows
  gather(key = combo, value = val, -respondentID, na.rm = T) %>%
  left_join(combodf_id, by = "combo") %>%
  mutate_at(vars(color1:color4), as.character) %>%  # convert colors to char
  rename(rose_color1 = color1, rose_color2 = color2, 
         tulip_color1 = color3, tulip_color2 = color4) %>% 
  gather(color, value, rose_color1:tulip_color2) %>% 
  separate(color, into = c('flower', 'color')) %>% 
  spread(color, value) %>% 
  mutate(val = if_else(val == 1, 'rose', 'tulip')) %>% 
  mutate(val = if_else(val == flower, 1L, 0L)) %>% 
  select(respondentID, flower, color1, color2, choice = val)

"error: no matching function for call to ‘push_back(char [6])". How to solve the error in this code?

By : wenjing
Date : October 08 2020, 01:00 AM
around this issue I want to store character in the vector. But it's not working when I wanted to push back the matching character.
code :
char arithmetic_operator[6][6] = {"+", ... };
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