Scala mockito: Delay Mockito.when().thenReturn(someFuture)

Scala mockito: Delay Mockito.when().thenReturn(someFuture)

By : Reytricx
Date : October 17 2020, 06:10 PM
it should still fix some issue You can use thenAnswer instead of thenReturn to simulate the wait time.
Refer this - https://static.javadoc.io/org.mockito/mockito-core/2.27.0/org/mockito/stubbing/Answer.html
code :
Mockito.when(<your method call>).thenAnswer(new Answer<CompletableFuture>() {
   public String answer(InvocationOnMock invocation){
      return future;

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Mockito when/thenReturn always returning null in Scala Test when trying to mock rabbitmq ConnectionFactory

Mockito when/thenReturn always returning null in Scala Test when trying to mock rabbitmq ConnectionFactory

By : ดารกนาร วดากาก
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
may help you . Don't accidentally define variables using 'def'! I defined the mocks using 'def' instead of 'val' or 'var', so I created a method that returns a new mock every time, instead of a variable.
Mockito Scala overloaded method value thenReturn with alternatives

Mockito Scala overloaded method value thenReturn with alternatives

By : WPenner
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps If you use mockito-scala you can mix-in the trait org.mockito.ArgumentMatchersSugar and it will provide all the appropriate ones, furthermore, for any you don't need to specify the type anymore as the compiler will figure it out
Check https://github.com/mockito/mockito-scala for more info
Mockito - when thenReturn

Mockito - when thenReturn

Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hope this fix your issue The point of Mockito (or any form of mocking, actually) isn't to mock the code you're checking, but to replace external dependencies with mocked code.
E.g., consider you have this trivial interface:
code :
public interface ValueGenerator {
    int getValue();
public class Incrementor {
    public int increment(ValueGenerator vg) {
        return vg.getValue() + 1;
// Mock the dependencies:
ValueGenerator vgMock = Mockito.mock(ValueGenerator.class);

// Test your code:
Incrementor inc = new Incrementor();
assertEquals(8, inc.increment(vgMock));
Method Mockito.when().thenReturn() and Mockito.doreturn().when() not returning specified mock value

Method Mockito.when().thenReturn() and Mockito.doreturn().when() not returning specified mock value

By : Dave_N
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps Here are somethings you can try:
Please remove mockUserRepository = Mockito.mock(UserRepository.class); as its redundant.
code :
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mockito.Mockito.framework()Lorg/mockito/MockitoFramework

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mockito.Mockito.framework()Lorg/mockito/MockitoFramework

By : Nayan Thakor
Date : October 05 2020, 04:00 AM
wish help you to fix your issue The sample works if you remove the PowerMock dependencies. The issue is that the versions of Mockito and PowerMock used are incompatible with each other. For PowerMock 2.x you need at least Mockito 2.8.9+. PowerMock provides a compatibility list that shows what version of PowerMock is compatible with what version of Mockito. Fix up the versions to be compatible with each other and your sample will start to work.
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