Is there a more efficient way to re-write multi if-else statement

Is there a more efficient way to re-write multi if-else statement

By : Shùbhåm
Date : October 24 2020, 06:10 PM
this one helps. I want to ask is there a more efficient and proper way to re-write my following code (simply because there are a lot of if-else statements) , you could use tuple(sorted(set(l))) to create a key for a dictionary:
code :
elif len(l) == 2 or len(l) == 3:
    key = tuple(sorted(set(l)))
lookup_dict = {('A', 'G') : 'R',
      ('C', 'T') : 'Y',
      ('A', 'C'): 'M',
      ('A', 'C', 'T') : 'H',   # note that it's A,C,T, not A,T,C, sort order!

elif len(l) == 2 or len(l) == 3:
    key = frozenset(l)
lookup_dict = {frozenset(k):v for k,v in lookup_dict.items()}

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Is there an efficient way to write this PHP if / else statement?

Is there an efficient way to write this PHP if / else statement?

By : Jimmy Ma
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue All you need to do is to invert the condition: comments are visible if they are NOT private, or if $role is 'root'.
code :
// Don't show private comments to non-root users
if (!$is_private || 'root' == $role):
<div class="comment <?= $is_private ? 'private' : '' ; ?>">
    <div class="comment-meta toolbar">
    <?= $is_private ? 'PRIVATE - ': ''; ?>
    <span class="datestamp"><?= $created_at; ?></span> - 
    <span class="fullname"><?= $fname . ' ' . $lname; ?></span></div>
    <p class="content"><?= nl2br($body); ?></p>

<?php endif; ?>
Efficient multi-threaded write access to sparse array?

Efficient multi-threaded write access to sparse array?

By : chetana
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine Use a message queue. Make the enqueue method update atomically (i.e. a single pointer swap) and you should be able to recover your concurrency. Then have a separate (single) thread read from the queue and write to the array.
I can expand on this given a little more info on precisely what kind of updates are being performed. But in general, you can find many lock-free queue implementations that should help you do this (e.g. here).
code :
class UpdateMessage {
    vector<Pair<int, int>> updates;   
using namespace moodycamel;

typedef Updates vector<Pair<int, double>>;

ReaderWriterQueue<Updates> queue(100);
double array[] = initialize_array();
int sleep_interval = 10; // in microseconds, you'll probably want to do something smarter than a
                         // fixed interval here.

void read(ReaderWriterQueue queue) {
    Updates updates;
    bool succeeded = queue.try_dequeue(updates);
    if(succeeded) {
        for(auto it = updates.begin(); it != updates.end(); it = updates.next()) {
            array[it.x] = it.y;

void write(ReaderWriterQueue queue, Updates ups) {
    bool succeeded;
    do {
        succeeded = queue.try_enqueue(ups);
    } while(!succeeded);
efficient way to write 'or' statement

efficient way to write 'or' statement

By : user1893813
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue Now that it's clear that processing of both words is nothing special, i.e. just sequential processing of the individual words, you can reduce your code by moving up the error check to the top:
code :
if word1 not in dict and word2 not in dict:
    # raise Exception or print and return
if word1 in dict:
    # process word1
if word2 in dict:
    # process word2
More efficient way to write multi-tier sql statement

More efficient way to write multi-tier sql statement

By : user3711071
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times Interesting problem, and hard, at least for me :) You are looking for distinct combinations of lookup values from hierarchical data. I tried several ways and here is what I could do:
code :
with t as (
  select parent_field_id pid, parent_n_value pnv, 
         child_field_id  cid, child_n_value cnv, name
    from addtl_type_rel 
    left join addtl_type on child_n_value = addtl_type.id and is_active = 1
    where child_field_id between 3935 and 3941)
select (select name from addtl_type where id = a.pnv) root, path
  from (
    select distinct connect_by_root(pnv) pnv, 
           sys_connect_by_path(rpad(nvl(name, '?'), 3, ' '), ' - ') path
      from t where connect_by_isleaf = 1 
      start with pid = 3934 
      connect by prior cnv = pnv and pid = prior pid + 1) a
Is there a more efficient way to write this if (or) statement?

Is there a more efficient way to write this if (or) statement?

By : arda sugriwo
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you Let's look at the produced bytecode as a proxy for speed. (Microbenchmarks are not reliable. Caching, pipelinging, branch prediction, … can have really weird effects that can make code that should be slower in principle perform better in practice in the context where you're actually using it. Bytecode size also isn't a very good indicator (same problems apply), but at least it's easy to produce, deterministic, and easy to interpret.)
(To follow along, throw your test files at luac -p -l, which will only parse (not write a compiled file) and list the resulting bytecode as a side-effect. If you want to understand the bytecode, have a look at the unofficial bytecode reference as initially created by Kein-Hong Man and kindly updated by Dibyendu Majumdar. But you don't have to.)
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