How can I use Moq here?

How can I use Moq here?

By : Kevin Bates
Date : October 28 2020, 04:55 PM
I think the issue was by ths following , My WEB API project is using a Generic Repository that implements an interface like this: , You can mock out your repository like so:
code :
var mockUserRepo = new Mock<ICustomerInquiryMockRepository>();
mockUserRepo.Setup(x => x.GetCustomers())
mockUserRepo.Setup(x => x.GetCustomer(It.IsAny<int>()))
            .Returns(res => Task.FromResult(MockData.Current.Customers.ElementAt(res));
mockUserRepo.Setup(x => x.GetCustomer(It.Is<int>(y => y == 4)))
            .Returns(res => Task.FromResult(/* error value here */));
// Production class sample
class ProductionController
  public ProductionController(IService1 service1, IService2 service2) { }

  public void ControllerMethod()
    var service1Result = service1.Method();

// Test sample
// arrange
var expectedResult = new Service1Result();
var service1 = Mock.Of<IService1>(x => x.Method() == expectedResult);
var service2 = Mock.Of<IService2>(x => x.Method(It.Is<Service1Result>(y => y == expectedResult)));
var controller = new ProductionController(service1, service2);

// act

// assert
Mock.Get(service1).Verify(x => x.Method(), Times.Once);
Mock.Get(service2).Verify(x => x.Method(expectedResult), Times.Once);
var repo = Mock.Of<ICustomerInquiryMockRepository>(x => 
    x.GetCustomers() == Task.FromResult(MockData.Current.Customers.AsEnumerable()));

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