Play an audio file using RemoteIO and Audio Unit

Play an audio file using RemoteIO and Audio Unit

By : Mdot Ae
Date : November 21 2020, 07:01 PM
it helps some times You just need to convert your audio file to pcm data and then feed that data to the RemoteIO interface during the playback callback.
To read your audio file in, you will want to use ExtAudioFileOpenURL and ExtAudioFileRead. Also make sure to set your audio format with ExtAudioFileSetProperty to convert to your target pcm format (which should be packed, signed integer PCM data).
code :

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Audio latency OpenAL or RemoteIO Audio Unit

Audio latency OpenAL or RemoteIO Audio Unit

By : uzair
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . RemoteIO is because it's the lowest level interface.
My buffer size is 512 frames, which at 44.1kHz is about 11ms.
HTML5 Audio: How to Play only a Selected Portion of an Audio File (audio sprite)?

HTML5 Audio: How to Play only a Selected Portion of an Audio File (audio sprite)?

By : user3049084
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? I think there are a couple of problems here.
Firstly, you're adding an event listener every time the user clicks Play 1.
code :
if (currentTime >= 0.5) { ...
if (audio.currentTime >= 0.5) { ...
<audio id="sample" src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/222645/click1sec.mp3" controls preload></audio>

<a href="javascript:playSegment(0.0, 0.5);">Play1</a>
<a href="javascript:playSegment(0.5);">Play2</a>

var audio = document.getElementById('sample');
var segmentEnd;

audio.addEventListener('timeupdate', function (){
    if (segmentEnd && audio.currentTime >= segmentEnd) {
}, false);

function playSegment(startTime, endTime){
    segmentEnd = endTime;
    audio.currentTime = startTime;
ios audio unit remoteIO playback while recording

ios audio unit remoteIO playback while recording

By : srinivasankonar
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem I have not used VOIP or kAudioSessionCategory_PlayAndRecord. But if you want to record/transmit voice picked up from the mic and play back incoming data from network packages: Here is a good sample which included both mic and playback. Also if you have not read this doc from Apple, I would strongly recommend this.
In short: You need to create an AudioUnits instance. In it, configure two callbacks: one for mic and one for playback. The callback mic function will supply you the data that was picked up from the mic. You then can convert and transmit to other devices with whatever chosen network protocol. The playback callback function is where you supply the incoming data from other network devices to play back.
iOS: Audio Unit RemoteIO not working on iPhone

iOS: Audio Unit RemoteIO not working on iPhone

By : Eeranna
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need I solved my problem. I simply needed to initialize the AudioSession before playing/recording. I did so with the following code:
code :
OSStatus status;

AudioSessionInitialize(NULL, NULL, NULL, self);
UInt32 sessionCategory = kAudioSessionCategory_PlayAndRecord;
status = AudioSessionSetProperty (kAudioSessionProperty_AudioCategory,
                               sizeof (sessionCategory),

if (status != kAudioSessionNoError)
    if (status == kAudioServicesUnsupportedPropertyError) {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed: unsupportedPropertyError");
    }else if (status == kAudioServicesBadPropertySizeError) {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed: badPropertySizeError");
    }else if (status == kAudioServicesBadSpecifierSizeError) {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed: badSpecifierSizeError");
    }else if (status == kAudioServicesSystemSoundUnspecifiedError) {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed: systemSoundUnspecifiedError");
    }else if (status == kAudioServicesSystemSoundClientTimedOutError) {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed: systemSoundClientTimedOutError");
    }else {
        NSLog(@"AudioSessionInitialize failed! %ld", status);

Core Audio: kAudioOutputUnitProperty_SetInputCallback on a non-remoteIO unit

Core Audio: kAudioOutputUnitProperty_SetInputCallback on a non-remoteIO unit

By : MaheshKumar Kadamati
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue Configure a callback on the output (bus 0) of the RemoteIO Audio Unit (instead of the filter unit or input bus), but in that RemoteIO callback, pull (render) from the filter unit. The filter unit will then be called to pull available data from RemoteIO input (bus 1) to process it.
Also fill the output buffers with zeros if you don't want to make any sounds.
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