How to extract separate bytes from a wav file?

How to extract separate bytes from a wav file?

By : user3861488
Date : November 20 2020, 07:00 PM
seems to work fine For file operations, you can use java.io and/or java.nio classes (for instance, java.io.FileInputStream). Either of those will give you the ability to read the bytes of any file (not just .wav files). And of course, if you want to, you can use System.out.print to output the letter "a" for each byte (although you don't really need to read the bytes to do that, just get the file length via java.io.File#length).
code :

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Extract required bytes from a file in Python

Extract required bytes from a file in Python

By : stephan
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue Using a hard coded offset is a rather fragile solution. But assuming you know what you are doing:
code :
Byte Offset: 176 
Data type: 4-byte (long) integer
Total bytes: 160
data= np.fromfile(fi,dtype=np.int32,count=40)
[1919251297  997485633 1634494218 1936678771 1634885475  825124212
  808333629  808464432  942813232 1818692155 1868526433 1918854003
 1600484449 1702125924  842871086  758329392  841822768 1728723760
 1601397100 1600353135 1702125938 1835627615 1026633317  809119792
  808466992 1668483643 1668509535 1952543327 1026633317  960048688
  960051513  909654073  926037812 1668483643 1668509535 1952543327
 1633967973  825124212  808464957  842018099]
dt = np.dtype('<i4')

with open(fname,'rb') as fi:
    fi.seek (176,0)
    data= np.fromfile(fi,dtype=dt,count=40)
    print data
Extract sequences from a FASTA file to multiple files, file based on header_IDs in a separate file

Extract sequences from a FASTA file to multiple files, file based on header_IDs in a separate file

By : user2886659
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help A couple brief suggestions:
If all your headers follow the same pattern, then you can extract the unique elements:
code :
collected = {}
for record in records:
    descr = record.description.split("_")[1]
    except KeyError:
        collected[descr] = [record ,]
file_name = "outfile%s" 
for (descr, records) in collected.items():   # iteritems in python2
    with open(os.path.join(file_path, file_name % descr), 'w') as f:
        SeqIO.write(records, f, 'fasta')
How to insert bytes into a PDF then separate it without affecting the file?

How to insert bytes into a PDF then separate it without affecting the file?

By : justnice
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem You can use iText to add attachments to a PDF file. There are two flavors of attachment.
Attachment annotations: there's a visual object on the page (e.g. a paper clip) and when the user clicks that visual object, the attachment opens. See File attachment annotation. Embedded files: these are document-level attachments. They aren't visible anywhere on a page, but most PDF viewers have an "attachment panel" that can be opened and end users will see the attachments there. See embedded files.
code :
PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader,
    new FileOutputStream(dest), '\0', true);
// Original PDF syntax
// Altered PDF syntax
// Original PDF syntax
// Some new PDF syntax
How can I extract a text from a bytes file using python

How can I extract a text from a bytes file using python

By : haim
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem I am assuming this is an assignment of some sort, where you need to parse the html given an algorithm, if not just use Beautiful Soup.
The pseudocode actually translates to python code quite easily:
code :
file_to_filter = open("file.html", 'r')
out_file = open("text_output",'w')
for line in file_to_filter:
    if word_starts_with in line:
        print(line, end='', file=out_file) # Store data in another file
    if word_ends_with in line:
Extract WAV file from Bytes Array

Extract WAV file from Bytes Array

By : user2252295
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you As VGR said (thanks a lot!), the problem was the way the Rest client was converting bytes into a String.
By using Apache's HttpClient I was able to get the response bytes correctly.
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