How can I refactor this to work without breaking the pattern horribly?

How can I refactor this to work without breaking the pattern horribly?

By : Naani48
Date : October 28 2020, 08:00 PM
like below fixes the issue You could implement the filters as Decorators. In fact, the way you invoke the successor in your filter is exactly like Decorator, so why not implement the pattern fully. The main difference would be that the successor is passed in the constructor. Then you would be able to chain them together like this:
code :

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How to refactor models without breaking WPF views?

How to refactor models without breaking WPF views?

By : koops
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hope this fix your issue Unfortunatly this is a known issue in WPF, the xaml is not taken into account when you refactor the entities behind the bindings. I have been making use of third party refactoring tools such as resharper or coderush to solve the problem, they tend to handle it better than the built in refactor function in visual studio.
When to refactor to a design-pattern?

When to refactor to a design-pattern?

By : user82250
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue If the code is readable/understandable and isn't likely to be changed or extended in the future, you may want to leave it the way it is.
But if the code will change, or you need to build a workaround for it at some point, you're better off refactoring it right away. And it's a good practice to check-in code cleaner than it was before.
Refactor to use Builder pattern or Telescoping constructor pattern

Refactor to use Builder pattern or Telescoping constructor pattern

By : hao wu
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help In this case, I would go for either the builder or a different mechanism where the caller can pass a collection of toppings. If you need to validate what toppings are allowed, you can do that in the constructor or the Toppings setter. The telescoping/chaining constructor approach may require you to add additional constructors in the future to handle additional combinations of toppings, whereas a collection approach will handle any scenario automatically. I would also avoid having specific properties in the pizza class for different types of toppings. What if you need to handle extra cheese? A single cheese boolean will not handle that. The Topping class can be a full-fledged object with subclasses, or you could replace it with just a string.
code :
public class Pizza
    // setters don't have to be private...
    public int Size {get; private set;}
    private List<Topping> toppings {get; private set;}

    public Pizza(int size) : this(size, new List<Topping>()) // call the other ctor with an empty list of toppings

    public Pizza(int size, List<Topping> toppings)
        Size = size;
        Toppings = toppings;
Refactor regex Pattern into Java flavor pattern

Refactor regex Pattern into Java flavor pattern

By : user2799555
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you The main problem with the regex is that both [ and ] must be escaped in a character class in a Java regex as these are used to form character class unions and intersections, are "special" there.
Another issue is the [.]\b patterns won't work as expected because a word boundary after a non-word char will require a word char immediately to the right of the current position. You need a \B there, not \b.
code :
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(""
                + "(?:\\s+|chiffre|job-id|job-nr[.]|job-nr|\\bjob id\\b|job nr[.]|jobnummer|jobnr[.]|jobid|jobcode|job nr\\.|ziffer|kennziffer|kennz\\.|referenz code|referenz-code|"
                + "referenzcode|ref[.] nr[.]|ref[.] id|ref id|ref[.]id|ref[.]-nr[.]|ref[.]- nr[.]|"
                + "referenz nummer|referenznummer|referenz nr[.]|stellenreferenz| referenz-nr[.]|referenznr[.]|referenz|referenznummer der stelle|id#|id #|stellenausschreibungen|" 
                + "stellenausschreibungs\\s?nr[.]|stellenausschreibungs-nr[.]|stellenausschreibungsnr[.]|stellenangebots id|stellenangebots-id|stellenangebotsid|stellen id|stellen-id|stellenid|stellenreferenz|"
                + "stellen-referenz|ref[.]st[.]nr[.]|stellennumer|\\bst[.]-nr[.]\\B|\\bst[.] nr[.]\\B|kenn-nr[.]|positionsnummer|kennwort|stellenkey|stellencode|job-referenzcode|stellenausschreibung|"
                + "bewerbungskennziffer|projekt id|projekt-id|reference number|reference no[.]|reference code|job code|job id|job vacancy no[.]|job-ad-number|auto req id|job ref|\\bstellenausschreibung nr[.]\\B)"
                + ":?\\w*\\s*([A-Z]*\\s*)([!\"#$%&'()*+,\\-./:;<=>?@\\[\\]^_`{|}~]*(?:\\w*[!\"#$%&'()*+,\\-./:;<=>?@\\[\\]^_`{|}~]*){0,3})?");

String line = "Referenznummer: INDUSTRY Kontakt: ZAsdfsdfS Herr Andrafgdh Neue Str. 7 21244 Buchholz +42341 22322 mdjob.bu44lz@zaqusssis.de Stellenanzeige teilen: Jetzt online bewerben! oder bewerben Sie sich mit\n" +
            "Geben Sie bei Ihrer Bewerbung die Stellenreferenz und die Stellenbezeichnung an! \n" +
            "Stellenreferenz:   21533448-JOtest\n\n" +
            "Stellenausschreibung Nr. PD-666/19";

Matcher m = pattern.matcher(line);
boolean found = false;
while (m.find()) {
     found = true;
     System.out.println("Found value: " + m.group(0) );
     System.out.println("Found value: " + m.group(1) );
     System.out.println("Found value: " + m.group(2) );
     System.out.println(" ----------------------- " );
if (!found) {
     System.out.println("NO MATCH");
How can I prevent my desktop application from breaking horribly when the user messes with its files at run-time?

How can I prevent my desktop application from breaking horribly when the user messes with its files at run-time?

By : user3741512
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps There isn't much you can do to prevent the user from doing that, but what you can do is to apply defensive programming.
In your two examples you'd have to, every time you access a resource, detect failure conditions and react appropriately either throwing exceptions and dying or continuing without access to that resource.
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